For OMM Staker strategy, users earn OMM from staking reward on OMM and ICX from mining reward shared by ICONDAO
Overall, the total amount of OMM deposited into OMM Staker strategy will be used to delegate votes to ICONDAO node. After that, ICX staking & mining reward generated from the votes will be shared on a daily basis according to the following ratio:
  • 25% to finOMM stakers.
  • 5% to FIN stakers.
  • 70% to ICONDAO.

1. Earn finOMM

There are 2 ways to earn finOMM:
  • Deposit OMM into OMM Staker strategy to mint finOMM.
  • Deposit ICX into OMM Lender (with Staker) strategy and claim finOMM reward.

2. Stake finOMM and earn ICX

Visit Staking tab, select finOMM and stake your finOMM. After this step, please expect within the next 24 hours to see your ICX reward in the Rewards tab and you can claim at anytime later.